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Create the same easy panini recipes from your favorite Italian restaurants for friends and family and have them convinced that you've ordered in. They simply will not believe that you've learned the secret to creating mouth-watering panini that they pay a lot of money for in expensive Italian restaurants.

If you want to save money by learning how to make your own easy  panini for literally pennies on the dollar - you'll need recipes and step-by-step instructions to get you started quickly and easily.

The average person may never be able to travel to Italy, Paris or New York but now they can enjoy gourmet panini in the comfort of their own homes without paying big bucks in fancy restaurants, bars and cafes.  I'm talking about panini so good that all you'll hear at the dinner table is the sound of lips smacking and MMMMMM coming from everyone! 



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By downloading a copy of "Easy Panini Recipes" you will have the following advantages:

Individual Recipe Pages.  Each easy panini recipe is on a separate page which will allow you to print only the recipe you want or the entire book.  You can simply have one page at a time beside you while you're cooking.  With old-style, bulky recipe books, you have to try to hold the page down while you attempt to follow the recipe and then the book flips over and sometimes falls or knocks something off the counter.  Now you can simply have your individual recipe card, flat on the counter while you prepare your gourmet panini with ease.

Save Time and Stress.  No need to worry about what to put in your panini.  We've taken the guess work out of the equation.  You will have over 50 easy to follow recipes so there is no need for you to stand at an open fridge, wasting electricity and time stressing over what to put in your panini.

Save Money.  Think of all the money you'll save making dinner at home.  You will save hundreds of dollars by staying home and making great tasting panini that everyone will enjoy.

Creating Family Time.  Panini are so easy to make that preparing them can be a family affair.  Everyone can pick an easy panini recipe and make their own panini or with one recipe, everyone can be involved in preparing lunch or dinner.  And of course, eating the panini together is the best part!


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“Easy Panini Recipes”

You may not see yourself as a great cook right now.  You may even think "what's the point of making panini when I can just go buy one?"  For starters, making panini is so easy that you'll be amazed.  It takes minutes, costs very little and tastes great!  

We're practically giving this book away because we want to introduce you to the wonderful world of panini.  We want you to be able to save money and spend more time cooking and eating with your family and friends.

And..."Easy Panini Recipes" doesn't stop there, this recipe book also contains recipes for making special sauces to include in your panini.  Tips on what type of products to use and how to cook them. 

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The History of Panini Facts to make you sound like an expert chef.

Panini Making Tips to help you get started.

Easy To Read Table Of Contents Panini are sorted by type so you can quickly find what your are looking for.

Dessert Panini Chocolate, fruit and more.

Sauces For Your Panini Easy to make sauces to add to your panini.

Low Fat Panini An entire section on vegetarian and vegan panini.

What to do if you don't have a panini grill ? You can still make easy panini recipes.

Step-by-step easy-to-understand recipes that will allow you to prepare your meals in half the time it currently takes you.

And much, much more!

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